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Sheffield’s Pink Triangle

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Sunday 27th January

On this day we remember the victims of the holocaust during the Second World War and all events since where human beings have persecuted each other via deliberate and systematic extermination of national, racial, political, cultural and identity differences.

For the LGBT+ community this day has a particular importance. Between 5000-15,000 individuals were captured and kept in Nazi concentration camps and branded with badges depicting inverted pink triangles. Unlike their fellow prisoners who were eventually liberated from the concentration camps, those branded with a pink triangle were taken to prison as homosexuality was illegal. LGBT+ people received no compensation and were not included in the trials of the Nazis, meaning no one has ever been prosecuted for the brutality they faced. This year, please join us in paying our respects to those imprisoned by this regime.

The Pink Triangle’ installation

Sheffield Amphitheatre

Please bring pink materials to add to this large visual installation from 9am. It can be visited between 10am -4pm.

‘Remembering LGBT+ voices from the Holocaust’

Millennium Galleries

Talks including SAYiT CEO Steve Slack from 5-6pm.

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