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Parent and Carer Resources

1 page pdf resource 


Explanation of pronouns and examples of pronouns 

Top Ten Tips for Parents and Carers of LGBTQ+ Young People

Top ten tips created by SAYiT young people.

1 page .pdf resource

2 page pdf resource 


  • Information on how to change your name and title 

  • Deed polls, statutory declarations, Gender Recognition Certificates

2 page pdf resource 


  • Information on the law and supporting LGBTQ+ students 

  • Considerations and best practice 

  • How SAYiT can support schools 

2 page pdf resource 


A-Z LGBTQ+ Key terms and their definitions 

1 page .pdf resource


  • Top ten tips for parents and carers of LGBT+ young people written by our young people

Ten Top Tips to Parents and Carers

A report on some of the issues faced by trans people by Gendered Intelligence.

40 page .pdf resource

Parents and Family Members of Trans People in the UK A Report on the Issues
A Journey Without A Map: Being A Parent Of A Trans Child

A booklet written by members of Allsorts youth charity in Brighton's parents and carers group. It offers parents support and information when a child/ young person is questioning their gender.

17 page .pdf resource

This guide for families and friends to help you to understand and support someone close to you who is transgender.

11 page .pdf document

FFLAG A guide for family & friends
A guide for parents and family members of trans people in the UK

This booklet hopes to offer some basic information that we feel is important for those coming across trans for the first time or for those who have questions about their loved one’s future.

21 page pdf. document

A resource from the Mental Health Foundation about how to talk to children about scary world events.

2 page pdf. document

Also available as a webpage here:

Capture talking to children about scary world news.PNG
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