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Rainbow Blades: Charity of the year 2020/21

Rainbow Blades (with Sheffield Laces)have announced their 2020/21 Charity of the year, SAYiT (Sheena Amos Youth Trust).

Rainbow Blades are an inclusive supporter group for an inclusive football club. Rainbow Blades aims to be a friendly, welcoming and inclusive Sheffield United Fan Group for all LGBT+ communities and Allies. They want to help make Bramall Lane and Football in general inclusive spaces where everyone feels safe to be themselves. Find out more about Rainbow Blades here.

Rainbow Blades Founder & Chair and Sheffield Rainbow Laces organiser, James Laley said:

‘I have known and worked with SAYiT over the past few years on numerous events and campaigns. The work they do to transform the lives of young LGBT+ people in Sheffield is remarkable. This was an easy choice, their values and aims align perfectly with what Rainbow Blades and Sheffield Rainbow Laces stands for. All young LGBT+ people deserve the same opportunities as anyone else. We want to ensure that football & sport in general is welcoming and encourages the very best potential of LGBT+ people.’

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