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Queer Book Nook

Here at SAYiT, the library is open!

Nestled in the corner of our group room - right next to the cuddly sharks and giant bean bags - is our Queer Book Nook, packed with LGBTQ+ books. Thanks to generous donations from our volunteers, staff, young people and partners, there’s a wide range of fiction and non-fiction to get stuck into. Better still, we have a close relationship with the lovely folks at local queer bookshop Juno Books, which means we have a few exclusive advance reading copies of titles which haven’t even hit the shelves yet.

A bookcase with books arranged by colour. Four books stood upright on top of the bookcase.

The Nook is open to anyone who wants to relax and read during group sessions; and for extra peace and quiet, books can be read in the cosy, quiet Snug. There’s even scope to borrow books if needed, as we know buying books isn’t always an option.

Naturally, titles are arranged by colour, so come have a dig through our glorious literary rainbow and find a book that speaks to you.


Youth Worker

September 2023

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