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Our Stories

As part of LGBTQ History Month 2024, SAYiT is putting together a zine with the SAYiT young people called 'Our Stories'.


As well as running craft sessions in our youth groups, we're looking for contributions for young (8 - 25 years old) LGBTQ+ people across Sheffield. We'd love to read your poetry and creative writing, and see your artwork.

LGBTQ+ young people are creating their own histories every day, so here's your chance to have your own histories recorded.

If you'd like to be included in the zine, just send your work over to with the subject line ZINE SUBMISSION. If it's visual work, please send a file in jpeg format, or you can bring it into the office so that we can scan it.


The deadline for this project is 12th February, and our email is open if you have any questions. Happy crafting.

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