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Covid-19 Update for SAYiT LGBT+ Inclusion Kite Mark Applicants

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

LGBT+ Inclusion Kite Mark and Covid-19

We know that victims of Domestic Abuse are particularly at risk during this period and the support from services is even more valuable. This makes it vital that support is there for LGBT+ victims/survivors.

Whilst we cannot award the final Kite Mark to any services during this time (as it requires an onsite visit), you would be welcome to start a Kite Mark application, or to continue to work towards your Kite Mark award. Please make use of the Call It Out project to support you to do this.

If you haven’t already done it, these are some especially important criteria to work on at the moment. We can help you with any of these – let us know what you need

• Ensure the website/social media effectively communicates that the service is inclusive of LGBT+ people • Gender neutral language is used when taking calls/online chat – to make it clear that you are not making assumptions of the caller’s gender identity or the gender identity of the person from whom they are experiencing abuse/control. • LGBT+ specific resources are available e.g. does your service know what Galop are still offering, which LGBT+ groups are still offering support? See Call It Out Covid -19 webpage for resources – this is currently being developed so keep checking in with it for LGBT+ resources • Ensure your service is proactively promoting itself through LGBT+ online spaces/online communities – so people know you are out there

Look after yourselves, especially at the moment. Many thanks for the vital work you are doing on the front line. Let us know how we can support you.

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