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CALL IT OUT May Newsletter

CALL IT OUT is a South Yorkshire LGBT+ Domestic Abuse project run by SAYiT. It aims to address the barriers preventing LGBT+ people from accessing mainstream domestic abuse support services.


Call It Out is proud to be a signatory of this joint statement on the current needs of LGBT+ victim/survivors.

The new resources created through this consortium will support domestic abuse professionals, as well as, families, friends, and community members who are witnessing abuse and want to help.


Are you worried about a friend/family member during the Covid-19 restrictions?

We know from research that LGBT+ are much less likely to contact services for support around domestic abuse but may speak to friends or family. We have created these resources with advice for friends / family members of LGB and/or T+ people who may be experiencing or using abusive behaviour in a relationship. You can download both guides at: Please help spread this information by sharing these with your networks, service users, friends/family, social media contacts etc.

Download (right-click and select “Save Image As…”) the images below, which you can customise with your own logos, to promote the resources on social media.


Have your say and help inform service provision for LGBT+ people

If you are, or know, someone who is LGBT+ and has experienced domestic abuse, we want to hear from you. Your views and experiences can help inform the project and the future work of Domestic Abuse services in South Yorkshire.

Please click here to complete the survey.



Please note: We are monitoring ongoing situation and official advice regarding COVID-19

Please see for latest updates, news, resources and details of Domestic Abuse and LGBT+ service provision across South Yorkshire

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