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Trans Day Of Remembrance 2012

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

On Tuesday 20th November 2012 Sheffield celebrated for the first time – International Trans day of remembrance.

As the ‘Sheena Amos Youth Trust’ provides vital services for LGBT youth across Sheffield, we were invited to attend a special event to mark the day. At 5.30 a selection of our Young people and Staff gathered inside Sheffield Winter Gardens to remember and show our respects to our Trans friends. We heard speeches by Steve Slack (Director of Centre for HIV), Counsellor Neale Gibson, Sheffield Police and various member of the Trans community gave readings and performed poetry – We were all very inspired!

We chatted to other members of our wider LGBT community and by pure coincidence started talking with Rotherham’s LGBT youth Group – We exchanged numbers and agreed that our groups should meet up in the New Year

Finally, we had a 1 minute silence and candle lit vigil to remember all those Trans people, not only in the UK, but around the world, that have suffered and have died as a direct result of Hate and intolerance. We remember them.

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