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Steering Group 'Buy a Privilege' Activity

At our young people's Steering Group last week, we were joined by Thom Winterbotham from Learn Sheffield. Thom talked to us about their work educating schools and teachers about LGBTQ+ issues, promoting inclusion and tackling prejudice.

Together we did a 'Buy a Privilege' activity to uncover LGBTQ+ young people's priorities in schools and help us understand what's most important for educators to know. This is an activity which our youth worker Charly has facilitated with professionals as well, so it was interesting to see how their ideas aligned with the Steering Group’s.

The young people were split into pairs and given different amounts of 'money' to spend. Each privilege cost £100, so they had to consider their priorities and choose carefully. We then discussed why and how they made their choices.

In no particular order, the group's priorities were:

a) I feel safe approaching staff with my concerns.

b) I see myself as an LGBTQ+ young person represented in the curriculum.

c) I can walk down a corridor without being called a slur.

d) I’m never asked about my genitals.

e) I feel comfortable in the changing rooms and comfortable in the uniform I have to wear.

What would be your priorities if you could choose three? What about if you could only choose one?

The Steering Group are passionate about influencing policy to make sure places of education know how to support LGBTQ+ students, so meeting Thom and sharing what's important to them in this way was a really valuable opportunity.

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