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Queer of Hearts – The SAYiT Prom

Aww look at some of these fabulous pics from our Queer Of Hearts Prom. Here at SAYiT HQ we are still chuckling and beaming about the wonderful evening. And the young people are still reminiscing and talking about the drag show.

When asked what they loved about Prom they said

“The drag show, the pizza, the venue, the talent show, basically everything”

“The atmosphere, the drag queens, the people”

“Getting to dress up was fun and less stressful because i didnt have to worry about misgendering”

“everything!! the drag was my favourite and i had never seen live drag before that so i think it was a worthwhile and memorable experience for a lot of people. the different rooms were also great and the theme fit really well. the signs and little details made it so amazing and the wristbands were a nice touch !!”

“The theme and being able to have fun with everyone. And the talent show was amazing!!”

“I just had a really, really nice time. Thank you for making such a wonderful event”

Our little SAYiT hearts are bursting, aren’t our young people just amazing. These events are so invaluable to our young people. Thank you to all our supporters and friends across the city.

A special thank you again to all the people who worked with us to make the event amazing.

@TheLeadmill for transforming their venue to down the rabbit hole

@Buzzsheffield for providing all the games in our Tea Party Room

@unidragsoc for an incredible memorable performance

@wowballoondecor for the breathtaking balloon arch

@ellavasketch for the Prom logo design

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