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It’s our 21st Birthday!

As we enter October, we can no longer ignore the fact that autumn is officially here. The days are getting shorter, there’s definitely a nip in the air and the big coats (or is it onesies?) are coming out of the wardrobe. But we aren’t at risk of hibernating yet!

Cutting the cake at SAYiT’s 20th Birthday

At SAYiT we are grateful to have a special occasion to look forward to. This month we are celebrating our 21st birthday as a charity. This is a milestone to be proud of. It symbolises the organisation’s progression into maturity that has come from time, knowledge and experience, and the ability to handle all the world has thrown at us this year.

With all of this to reflect upon, as well as looking to a new era of SAYiT, we will be marking the day as a team with some socially distanced toasting and a slice of cake. In the lead up to our birthday we have been marking the occasion with our fantastic fundraising campaign, The “SAYiT 10 Challenge”, and we will be thanking all of our incredible challengers for all their amazing work on the day.

The SAYiT 10 Challenge is raising money for our young people who are most in need. We want to raise £2,100 for our 21st birthday by the end of October (the 10th month) by completing a challenge relating to the number 10! It can be anything from 10k runs, to reading 10 books, to 10 hours silence. All of the money raised will go directly into our Noah Lomax fund.

Noah Lomax was 15 when he sadly died at the beginning of August 2018. Noah was a Sheffield young man, was autistic and had struggled with this and his mental health for many years. He was a very proud young gay man who fought for LGBT+ rights.

Towards the end of 2018, Noah’s family approached SAYiT, and together we set up the SAYiT Noah Lomax Fund to support the mental health of young LGBT+ people in Sheffield and the surrounding area, providing counselling and a hardship fund. The fund has been up and running since early 2019 and is managed by SAYiT. We have supported so many young people, particularly during lockdown, that the funds are now dwindling.

We are currently just over our half way point at £1115, can you help us to reach our target? If you want to become a challenger, get in touch at To donate to the SAYiT 10 Challenge, please go to You can also support us by liking and sharing our SAYiT 10 Challenge posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Let’s make this our best birthday yet!

Blog by Christie Rossiter – SAYiT Charity Manager (Christie will be attempting a 10 hour dance-athon for her SAYiT 10 Challenge!)

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