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Fruitbowl Update

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Fruitbowl have been very busy over the recent month, with both groups looking forward to the Sexual Health and Relationships Camp this October half term. They will be learning about the many different aspects of sexual health and relationships including: healthy relationships, love, media stereotypes of LGBT relationships, discussions around casual sex and your ‘first time’ and many more. We are hoping to be able to provide comprehensive and inclusive information on sexual health!

Younger Fruitbowl have enjoyed a laid back session where we discussed relationships and coming out, an interesting information session on Black History Month where young people learned more about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks – as well as looking at black LGBT icons. Young people from Younger Fruitbowl have also enjoyed pumpkin carving as part of our Halloween programming and have had the opportunity to take part in a consultation around the new LGBT community centre with LGBT Sheffield Live.

Older Fruitbowl have taken part in a specially adapted form of football that is played by disabled people, called crab football. For one evening we held a mini tournament in our youth space, where teams of young people played against each other! Older Fruitbowl also took part in a Domestic Abuse information session which was delivered by staff from the Community Youth Teams. Young people became more aware of what domestic abuse is, what the warning signs are, and where to go for support. We also had our first trip to a fellow LGBT group in Chesterfield. This was a huge success with young people from both Older Fruitbowl and the Chesterfield group getting to know one another and having a good time! Older Fruitbowl also enjoyed a spooky session where we watched a horror movie, Insidious, and for members who were none too keen on the film choice – we also did some fabulous pumpkin carving!

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