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Call for IDAHOBIT videos

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Dear friends and allies,

Every year SAYiT marks International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHoBiT) on the 17th May. We mark this day to speak out about the inequality LGBT+ people face and raise awareness of the violence, discrimination, and repression of our siblings around the world.

Due to lockdown we won’t be able to hold our annual event in the Peace Gardens but that won’t stop us making some noise. We ask all our friends and allies to video themselves saying “I’m/we’re breaking the silence”, which is the theme for IDAHoBiT 2020. We will compile all your videos together to protest at home and make some noise for those that can’t.

Sadly in 2020 people are still facing violence and inequality because of who they fall in love with and who they are. Examples of this include same sex marriage being legal in only 35 countries out of the 197, there are 6 countries where same-sex activity holds a capital punishment but 12 countries where the death penalty is still a legal possibility and conversion therapy is only illegal in 3 countries.

If you want to stand up against this, please join our #queerprotestathome and submit your video to by the 10th of May to break the silence. Please make sure your video is just a few seconds long, is a standard MP4, and the words are spoken clearly with no background noise. This video will be posted on our website and social media so we will assume if you submit one you are happy for it to be uploaded and shared.

Thanks all, good luck!

The SAYiT Team.

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