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Young People Resources

Resources for  LGBTQ+ young people

Booklet cover: Peer Advice By the Agony Piblings at Fruitbowl

Peer Advice via our gender-neutral ‘Agony Piblings’.

Peer Advice on:
– Being nonbinary & school
– Self Harm
– Binder Safety
– Healthy Relationships
– Coming out to family
– Boundaries

A poster series with tips on what you can do to make your experience easier in different healthcare settings.

- Coming out to your GP
- Talking to your GP about pronouns
- Talking to your GP about medically transitioning
- Going to a sexual health clinic
- Giving blood
- Mental health services


A one-page graphic covering:

- Sex and gender in medical notes

- The doctor-patient relationship

- Fertility and contraception

- Bridging prescriptions

A one-page graphic covering the medical screening routinely offered to individuals according to their gender identity, assigned gender at birth, and gender registered with their GP.

SAYiT Transgender Population Screening Summary.png
Name Change Guidance Links.PNG

A document with some handy links to information and advice about changing your name.

- Changing your name
- Changing official documents
- Enhanced DBS
- Bank
- Free deed poll generator

LGBTQ+ Organisation Websites/ Links

Capture Spectrum Outfitters.JPG

Guide to Chest Binding from Spectrum Outfitters

A guide to binding safely from Spectrum Outfitters, who support us through their Binder Donation Scheme.

Click here for:

Binder Basics

Binding Safely

Size Guide

Binder Care

Sheffield Sexual Health Clinic

Sexual Health Sheffield logo

A graphic with information about sexual health, contraception, myth-busting, and HIV.

A two-page PDF resource from Sexual Health Sheffield covering what happens to your body during puberty:

- Changes you can expect to experience

- Hygiene advice

- Masturbation

- Puberty if you have a penis

- Puberty if you have a vulva

- Puberty if you are trans

Capture puberty.JPG

A two-page PDF resource about HIV and AIDS from Sexual Health Sheffield covering:

- What is HIV?

- What is AIDS?

- How they are transmitted

- How to prevent infection

A three-page resource about questioning your sexuality.

- What is sexuality?

- Facts & figures

- It's okay to be unsure!

- Useful websites

SAYiT - Questioning your sexuality.png

Mental Health and Wellbeing Websites/ Links

Graphic line outline of head with brain containing heart

Other websites 

  • Dear Homophobe (interactive collection of queerphobic statements & arguments against them).

Resources by Other Organisations

12 page .pdf resource


  • Being LGBTQ+

  • Friends

  • Family

  • Your Future

  • Religion

  • Bullying

Coming Out! Answers to some of the questions you may have

44 page .pdf resource


  • Support and advice

  • Coming out step by step

  • Relationships

  • Rights and legisliation

  • Sex & Gender

  • Myths & Facts

LGBT Youth Scotland Coming Out A coming out guide for trans young people

44 page .pdf resource


  • Support and advice

  • Coming out step by step

  • Relationships

  • Rights and legisliation

  • Definitions

  • Myths & Facts

LGBT Youth Scotland Coming Out A coming out guide for lesbian, gay and bisexual young people

6 page .pdf resource


  • Gender Recognition certificates

  • Adivce

  • Deed Polls

  • Adivce for under 18s

UK Trans info: Changing your name and title A factsheet for trans and non-binary people

32 page .pdf resource


  • What are hormones

  • Physical effects

  • Risks

  • Monitoring

  • Support and information

NHS A guide to hormone therapy for trans people Trans wellbeing and healthcare

13 page .pdf resource


  • Difference between sex and gender

  • How to tell them

  • Tips and advice

  • Name and pronouns

FFLAG How do I tell my parents I'm transgender?

1 page .pdf resource


  • Guidelines

  • Advice

  • Tips

Trans*? Under 25? Know your rights at your GP surgery

44 page .pdf resource


  • How inclusive are you?

  • Facts and figures

  • Supportng trans people of faith

  • What you can do

A roadmap to inclusion Supporting trans people of faith

32 page .pdf resource


  • Key findings

  • National reports

  • Young people’s experiences

  • Recommendations

Voices Unheard Domestic Abuse: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Young People's Perspectives

8 page .pdf resource


  • What does it mean to be transgender

  • What does it mean to transition

  • Sexual Health adivce

Think I Might Be Transgender Now What Do I Do? A Brochure by and for Transgender Youth

5 page .pdf resource


  • What is Domestic Abuse?

  • What Can I do?

  • List of where to get help.

How to help your mates Young people and relationship abuse
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