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Professionals Resources

Resources for professionals working with LGBTQ+ young people.

1 page pdf resource 


Explanation of pronouns and examples of pronouns 

2 page pdf resource 


A-Z LGBTQ+ key terms and their definitions 

2 page pdf resource 


  • Information on how to change your name and title 

  • Deed polls, statutory declarations, Gender Recognition Certificates

2 page pdf resource 


  • Information on the law and supporting LGBTQ+ students 

  • Considerations and best practice 

  • How SAYiT can support schools 

A one page fact sheet explaining:

  • What so-called conversion therapy is

  • The signs to look out for

  • Where to find more information

conversion therapy Capture.PNG
LGBTQ+ Affirming Books
A resource created by SAYiT
Suggested reading for ages 3-11

4 page .pdf resource

Suggested reading  for 3-11 year olds

24 page .pdf resource



  • Sheena Amos’s Legacy

  • Timelines of LGBT+, Sexual Health and SAYiT’s History over 20 years

  • Words from our friends and our young people

SAYiT's 20th Anniversary
20 years supporting young people

1 page .pdf resource


  • Poster for 11-17 youth group

To display in your school or youth setting

1 page .pdf resource


  • Poster for 18-25 youth group

To display in your school or youth setting

Capture Prism Poster.PNG

1 page .pdf resource


  • Top ten tips for parents and carers of LGBT+ young people written by our young people

Ten Top Tips to Parents and Carers
Capture South Yorkshire LGBTQ+ Organisations [June 2023].PNG

7 page pdf of LGBT+ organisations in South Yorkshire categorised by city 

4 page pdf of faith and BAMER specific LGBT+ support groups 

Untitled design (1).png

A graphic with information about sexual health, contraception, myth-busting, and HIV.

A three-page resource about questioning your sexuality.

- What is sexuality?

- Facts & figures

- It's okay to be unsure!

- Useful websites

SAYiT - Questioning your sexuality.png

Other Helpful Resources

Resources created by other organisations

38 page .pdf resource


  • Terminology

  • Recommendations

  • Findings

  • Next steps

Experiences of health & care in Sheffield's trans community

24 page .pdf resource


  • Toilets, Showers, Changing and Sleeping Arrangements

  • Liaison and sharing information

  • Residentials abroad

  • Other considerations

Gendered Intelligence Residential Guide

29 page .pdf resource


  • Why does our curriculum need to be LGBT+ inclusive

  • Subject ideas

  • Child friendly glossary

  • Reviewing your curriculum

Creating an LGBT-Inclusive Primary Curriculum

60 page .pdf resource


  • The experiences of LGBT+ young people

  • What the law says

  • Recommendations

  • Glossary of terms

An introduction to supporting LGBT young people A guide for schools
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