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Call It Out

This project aimed at improving access to domestic abuse services for LGBTQ+ people in South Yorkshire and ran from 2019-2021.

LGBTQ+ Terminology Factsheet

1 page .pdf resource including:


  • Domestic Abuse definition

  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Terms

2 page .pdf resource including:​

  • Who is and isn’t protected under the Equality Act 2010

  • Single sex exemptions

  • Other legislation

  • Best practice

LGBTQ+ Law Factsheet
Factsheet for professionals -challenging our thinking around LGBT domestic abuse

2 page .pdf resource including:​

  • Common myths and facts about LGBT+ experiences of domestic abuse

  • Barriers for LGBT+ accessing services

  • How professionals can address some of these issues

2 page .pdf resource including:​

  • Why do we need to ask?

  • Staff confidence

  • Tips on how to ask these questions

  • Best practice when asking questions about gender and sexual identities

  • Example questions 

Why and how to collect info on gender and sexual identities
South Yorkshire LGBT Organisations

6 page .pdf resource including:​

  • Information and contact details for LGBT+ groups and support services in South Yorkshire.

4 page .pdf resource including:​

  • Domestic Abuse Services

  • Mental Health Services

South Yorkshire Domestic Abuse Services

4 page .pdf resource including:


  • Contact info for Buddhist, Catholic, Christian, Islam, Jewish, Sikh and other faith and BAMER organisations

Faith and BAMER support groups

1 page .pdf resource including:


  • Translations of common LGBT+ terms into 9 languages

LGBT Translations

14 page .pdf resource including:


  • Conference programme

  • Key definitions and terminology

  • Speakers

  • Domestic Abuse Services

Call It Out Domestic Abuse Conference Brochure

73 slide .pptx resource including:


  • Raising awareness about DVA in the relationships of LGB and/or T+ people, Prof Catherine Donavon, Durham University

  • Trans and non-binary people, domestic violence and abuse (DVA) and cisgenderism, Dr Michaela Rogers, University of Sheffield

  • Recognise & Respond: Strengthening advocacy for LGBT survivors of domestic abuse, Dr Jasna Magic, Galop

Powerpoint presentation title slide

20 page .pdf resource including:


  • Transgender experiences of Hate Crime & Discrimination

  • Trans-Exclusion in Women’s Services

  • How to access support as a a victim of a Transphobia Hate Crime.

  • I’m a professional working in the VAWG sector – how do I ensure my practice in

Transphobic hate crime in the domestic abuse and sexual violence sector

If you need help or are concerned about a friend or family member please call:


Sheffield Domestic Abuse Helpline   0808 808 2241

Rotherham Rise 0330 202 0571

Barnsley Domestic Abuse Helpline   03000 110 110

Doncaster Domestic Abuse Hub   01302 737080

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