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Toto je odsek. Kliknutím na „Upraviť text“ alebo dvojitým kliknutím na textové pole začnite upravovať obsah a nezabudnite pridať všetky relevantné podrobnosti alebo informácie, ktoré chcete zdieľať so svojimi návštevníkmi.

At SAYiT we understand that parents and carers of LGBTQ+ young people might need support too. We have staff that are here to answer any questions you might have whether that be on a 1:1 basis or as part of our Parents and Carers monthly meeting.

Parents and carers tell us that it is really useful for them to have somewhere safe and friendly to go to talk to other parents/carers whose young people are LGBTQ+. Even though most parents and carers are really supportive, they often worry about what is the right (or wrong) thing to say to their child in a variety of situations or how to deal with issues that arise, and they find it helpful to talk things through with others. 

To join the group mailing list or further information you can contact us at or call us on 0114 201 2633.

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