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Other Support

Some helplines and websites where you can get information, advice and support. All information provided by external organisations below is for reference purposes only. Please be aware they are not recommendations or guidance by SAYiT.

Need urgent help or advice?

LGBTQ+ Specific Support

Other LGBTQ+ Groups, Activities and Information

Sexual Health Support

Other links and support for young people

ماذا يقول عملاؤنا

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الاسم واللقب

أنا شهادة. انقر لتعديلي وإضافة نص يقول شيئًا لطيفًا عنك وعن خدماتك. اسمح لعملائك بمراجعتك وإخبار أصدقائهم بمدى روعتك.

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