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SAYiT Parents and Carers Group

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

The SAYiT parents and carers group met again this week (November 2018) with 7 people attending, including new group members. Our theme was discussing the implications of changes to the Gender Recognition Act . We looked at a short video clip and then lovely SAYiT youth worker, Sophie, gave us further information and facilitated a discussion.

We also looked at a video clip from a film project called My Genderation, a very moving watch – Thank you Oliver for setting this up for us!

Some of the parents and carers had attended the recent AGM and said how fantastic it was – moving and interesting – which was lovely for us and the new people to hear.

The format of presentation, discussion and some video clips worked well as not everyone at a first meeting feels able to take part in discussing issues which they may only just be coming to terms with and adjusting to. Next meeting on mental health on Tuesday December 4th at Scotia Works. Kath Broomhead, SAYiT Parents and Carer Worker

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