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New Staff at SAYiT

This month SaYiT is welcoming new members of staff.

During October, the management team was involved in a thorough recruitment process, in which we had a great calibre of candidates. This made the choice very difficult but the young people collaborated in the recruitment process and showed us who they felt an empathy with, which helped select the new 7 members of our team.

Almost all of them have now started their induction process and they will be coming to the different groups to introduce themselves. They have also started work on the projects they have been recruited for, so feel free to contact them directly if you need information or assistance regarding a specific provision.

Meanwhile, please join us to welcome Chris, Natalie, Lois, Siobhan, Libby, Victoria and Harriet to the Sheena Amos Youth Identity Trust!

Here is a list of the new recruits and their assigned projects:

  • Chris McCartney – Team Leader at the Democracy Project

  • Natalie Laker-Jones – Team Leader at the Democracy Project

  • Lois Miller – Team Leader at Fruitbowl

  • Siobhan Bligh – Assistant Team Leader at Fruitbowl

  • Libby Nears – Youth Worker at Yambo

  • Louise Crew – Youth Worker at Yambo (Louise was already supporting some our projects but is now with Yambo – lucky Yambo young people!)

  • Victoria Ilott – Assistant Team Leader at the Peer Support Project and Youth Worker at Off-the-Scene

  • Harriet Wan Sayles – Youth Worker at the Trans*Formers project

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