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Lights, Camera, Action!

The past few weeks have been a MASSIVE adventure for Side by Side! The group auditioned for parts in an upcoming DVD commissioned by the Crown Prosecution Service to tackle homophobia in secondary schools across the UK. It was a tense couple of weeks but the group were thrilled to find out that they had been cast as all the main parts and also some supporting roles!

Filming took place in Birmingham on the weekend of the 26th and also in Manchester on Tuesday 29th October. The scenes in Birmingham were shot at Dame Elizabeth Cadbury High School, which is the pilot school for the DVD, and the scenes in Manchester was shot at CPS HQ and surrounding areas. Side by Side were treated like celebrities. They had all their diva demands met, an endless supply of tea, coffee and fig rolls and even their own green room! (This was…the school library.)

The filming was done by Gold Star Productions and it was such a great opportunity for Side by Side to experience what it is like to work in the film industry. Scenes were filmed in the school changing rooms, in the rain under a pagoda and even on board a moving bus travelling around Manchester! Side by Side thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we can’t wait to see the finished result in the New Year! The filmmakers said:

“We were so impressed with everyone who was involved in the focus group and in the filming over the weekend and on Tuesday. Everyone was so professional and so patient with all the hanging around involved. Brilliant acting, creative input and very honest and brave testimony. It was a real privilege to meet you all and to work with you on the CPS teaching resource.” The young people who took part in the filming said:

“To sum up this weekend using 1 word and 7 letters – perfect. Seriously. I’ve had so much fun this weekend. Going to pride was one of the best memories of my life but the experience I’ve had this weekend has made this weekend probably the most enjoyable of my life so far. It couldn’t have gone better.”

“This has been the most amazing weekend I’ve ever had. I’ve been really stressing over things recently and this weekend just made it all go away. This has been a superb opportunity and let us has an insight into what it could be like if we decided to do it in the future. It’s been an amazing experience, so much fun and I couldn’t have been happier!!!”

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