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Introducing Lois Miller

This week sees the start of a new member of staff, Lois Miller. Here is a bit more about her:

“My name is Lois Miller and I am the Team Leader for the Fruitbowl groups. I have been coordinating and delivering youth work projects in Sheffield for 17 years. I’ve worked with young people and mental health issues, Somali and Pakistani young people, those not attending school or training, offenders, young mums, ex-drug abusers, young carers and looked after young people as well as many others. Now, it is really exciting to be working with LGBT young people as I have a lot of personal experience of the issues which can affect LGBT people. I’ve studied youth and community work at under-graduate and post-graduate levels at University and I enjoy supporting young people to have a voice and make positive changes in their lives. On my spare time, I love walking and running, reading and watching films. I love art and politics (to a certain degree). Here at SAYiT, I hope to bring lots of great opportunities to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered young people attending Fruitbowl.”

If you would like to find out more about the work done at Fruitbowl, by Lois and the rest of the team, and even participate in Fruitbowl, please contact us at or visit the website

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